Peak Cryotherapy Spa | The Machine
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The Machine

State of the Art

The Peak Cryotherapy system combines leading-edge technology with innovative design to deliver unmatched safety, comfort and reliability.

  • All structural components are precision-manufactured in the U.S. from laser-cut anodized aluminum extrusions and lexi glass – there is no wood and no drying out period or daily maintenance
  • Quick connect wiring and modular design for ease of service – UL listed electrical control panel #234320
  • Engineered interior insulated panels contract and expand individually during user sessions and feature durable antimicrobial fabric
  • Uniquely designed single circuit gas delivery system cools efficiently while minimizing condensation – minimal end-of-day procedures
  • Anodized and stainless steel industrial hinges and connection hardware resists rusting
  • Proprietary continuous flow system creates a constant temperature throughout the session
  • Multi-pressurized spray jets create 360° full body immersion effect that eliminates uneven cooling
  • Dual zone sensors in the cooling system provide accurate, consistent temperatures that can be reproduced session after session
  • Unique cover allows head to remain above the chamber and contains the cold air for maximum hyper cooling results and efficient use of gas